Tan Mok Koon Charity Fund Limited (TMK Charity Fund) established in the form of a company limited by guarantee is founded by Mr Tan Mok Koon to support charitable causes in the areas of advancement of education and relief of poverty. TMK Charity Fund seeks to provide education grants to educational institutions as well as donations to charitable organisation that provide social and / or financial assistance to the impoverished community.

TMK Charity Fund does not raise fund from the public.  Instead, funding of TMK Charity Fund will be wholly undertaken by Tan Mok Koon (in his personal capacity and / or through his business enterprise), his wife and two children.

TMK Charity Fund has been registered as a charity under the Charities Act of Singapore and as a Qualifying Grantmaking Philanthropic Organisation (Grantmakers) with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

The Founding members of TMK Charity Fund are :

  • Mr Tan Mok Koon (Founder)
  • Mr Tan Wei Liang
  • Miss Tan Wei Ting

The Directors of TMK Charity Fund are :

  • Mr Tan Mok Koon (Chairman)
  • Mr Tan Tow Koon
  • Mr Johnny Tan Poay Koon